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The act of separating and sorting to remove imperfections and pull out the highest value. At this is what we strive to do. Remove wasteful spending and effort to leave you with quality ROI positive campaigns.

The Importance of Match Types

Keywords can be run in your account under any or all of the four match types...
Match Type Uses
Does Account Structure Matter?

An Adwords account is structured hierarchically starting with an account...
Account Structure Importance
The Fate of PPC Software

Should Google Be Worried About The New PPC Management Software... ...
PPC Software
Thematic SEO

Optimizing for the longtail, search expressions with 3 or more words, tend to...
Thematic SEO


  James has a keen ability to take complex problems and uncover clear, actionable solutions. We implemented a very sophisticated tracking and optimization method for his SEM accounts, and he was instrumental (as the client touch point) in scoping out the project. Moreover, James is extremely knowledgeable in search marketing and is a clear asset to the Spark organization. He is a pleasure to work with."

— Frank Lee

Paid Search

Siftable is a cutting edge team that manages the strategy and growth of our clients’ paid search advertising efforts. With almost a decade worth of experience we have a reputation of success. Learn More About Paid Search Services

Social Media

Social media, or user-generated content sites driven by user participation, include social networking, social bookmarking, blogging/micro-blogging, and social news sites. Building quality social media campaigns is one of the most difficult tasks in the horizon of new media. Learn More About Social Media Services


Providing on-page optimization recommendations with a heavy focus on link development and link-baiting strategies. Our unique approach and process make our services highly desirable. Learn More About SEO Services